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We established the following standards and practices of hiring for Culture Source team members, which are rooted in our core values and focus on creating an inclusive, open, and collaborative culture of leadership.


Core Team Attributes

  • Equity as a lens on the world – a commitment to the constant practice of critical inquiry and understanding, how inequity acts in our world and how we can counter these forces.
  • Leadership drive and energy – to define the big questions, not problems, and take initiative, communicate, collaborate, build consensus, and embody the vision and mission of Culture Source.
  • Compassion, care, and the drive of a social worker – interested in understanding the diverse needs of individuals and organizations, starting with the question, “How can we help you?”.
  • An appetite for risk, failure, and unflinching candor – the restless urge to question, tinker, and improve our work and its ability to help realize the vision of our team and our members.
  • Relentless optimism – the urge to solve difficult problems every day across a vast spectrum of cultural practice and to start every answer to “What if…?” with “Yes, that’s possible, if…”.
  • The ability to set curatorial impulses aside – we are not arbiters of taste or cultural practice; we provide the means by which culture may flourish on its own terms.
All are welcome to Culture Source.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe in a vision of cultural equity – a world in which everyone has access to the resources they need to make or preserve. We believe this vision is possible through sharing resources cooperatively, shifting our view of the landscape from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

In this world, we apply urgent and unrelenting effort to mitigate the powers that divide and oppress. Cultural practice is not a race to the top, a nasty and brutish life of quiet desperation in which only the “excellent” and “best” survive. Nor is cultural practice race to the bottom, a exasperating effort to undersell and over deliver. It is rather a world in which the deep and irrepressible urge to make and preserve is celebrated and may be pursued by all in the interest of greater well being and thriving.

This vision defines as much our team as it does the community we serve.

We Need Consultants

We are looking for professional service providers in a broad range of fields—from legal and accounting to institutional advancement and design—who have a demonstrated passion for the arts, creative and preservation sectors Your expertise and engagement ignites true durability in the outcomes of their visions.


IT/ Web


Grant Writing

Business Development/
Project Management

Now Hiring

Finance Associate

Culture Source seeks a seasoned bookkeeper to be its Finance Associate, a member of the Finance & Operations team. Culture Source is an emerging, local nonprofit “umbrella”  model—a platform for sharing essential support systems for the arts and cultural community. This position reports to the Finance Director. The Finance Associate works closely with the Finance Director to develop and maintain the highest level of quality in service delivery for our Comprehensive Services members, who participate in our shared, finance, legal, HR, compliance, and risk management (insurance) resources.

Full job description below

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