Who We Are

We invest in the sustainability and impact of your creative design by offering a comprehensive set of shared resources to support your work. These include staff to manage your finances, government filings, human resources, legal issues, fundraising, and marketing strategy. We also provide shared workspace and office equipment, insurances, best practices, and even a nonprofit umbrella.

Because artists should not starve.

Do what you love, we’ll do the rest.

For arts and cultural practitioners and organizations who have difficulty juggling their passions and business while trying to survive, we are an outsourced C-suite that cares about individual well-being and honors cultural community impact. We function as a linkage coordinator, financial assistant, or fiscal sponsor to meet you where you are and co-pilot to land your organization in a place that thrives, as you define it.

Photo Credit: Robert Collins
Collaborate and elevate.

Let’s thrive together.

We believe that creative expression and preserving our culture are essential to personal happiness societal advancement. If we are flourishing, we are creating and preserving at our highest potential. We believe in the dreams of others. We listen carefully, plan, judge not, and nurture the inevitable potential of each one of us.


Culture Source Focuses on Change and Impact

Lower Costs Through    Shared Resources

Increase Equitable Access to Essential Support

Houston’s Creative Community Prospers

Everything to gain.

Culture Source Believes:

  • Resource sharing is key to practicing equity and building a robust cultural community.
  • Artists and cultural practitioners should be able to do what they love without worrying about survival.
  • Holistic support and management helps the creative ecosystem thrive.

Why We Started Culture Source

We started from a need.

The National Center for Charitable Statistics reported in 2012, 1% of the arts organizations - those with budgets over $10 million - received close to 50% of all contributed funding for the arts. Houston reflects this disparity in cultural investment.

Of the roughly 110,000 nonprofit arts and culture organizations nationwide, nearly 100,000 operate with budgets of less than $1M and 70,000 of them report budgets less than $25,000. Smaller organizations and individual practitioners struggle to access and sustain the financial and human resources necessary to thrive at any scale.

While resources are available for some arts and cultural organizations, many of the ones that need the most support receive the least amount of comprehensive services, we're here to change that.

Do what you love,

we'll do the rest.